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Well about myself I live in Wisconsin my hobbies include the following; I like computers I have a Home Built PC it is a Tyan Tiger 100 Motherboard, with DUAL PentiumII Processors, with two hard drives one 20gig and 30gig, 256Megs of RAM, 3.5 floppy, 5x DVD-rom/24x CD, 8x burner, Cable Modem, Creative Live Sound Card, 64Meg Creative Graphics Card, ect... I love wave files and picture files . I have many if you send me one I'll send you one back!! I also enjoy movies mainly action, Sci-Fi, and comedy, but also enjoy a good suspence thriller every now and then.I also enjoy boating. I am also working towards my MCSE Certification now that I have a degree in Computer Information Systems Network Specialist. Well thats a little about my self for now..Thanks for checking out my home page hope you enjoyed it let me know what you think you can e-mail me at if you would like... Thanks again!! Later ! :)

Take a look at my fish!

This is one of my guns you can check out the unofficial HK page click the picture!!